"History of Masonry in Nevada"
by C. W. Torrence

Published by the
Grand Lodge, F&AM of Nevada
Reprinted, in its original form,

Copyright 1944, by C.W. Torrence
for the Grand Lodge F.&A.M. of Nevada

----(WebMason's notes)----

For those wishing to do some reading about the history of Freemasonry in Nevada and its formative years, this is an interesting and well-done book.

Torrence did his research, which consisted, to a large extent, of a review of individual Lodge minutes and verbal interviews with Lodge members, in the middle to late 1930's ... so, when reading through the various chapters of this work, remember that if Torrence refers to something or someone still being available, it is as of that date!

The pictures and drawings in the book do not lend themselves to scanning at this time - a diligent search is being made through the several apartments of the Grand Lodge offices in Reno to see if the originals, or a replica thereof, might be found - but, lacking such a find, the printed copies will be scanned and inserted into the text in appropriate positions.

If you would like your own copy of Torrence's "History", the Grand WebMason occasionally finds copies. Write to the Grand WebMason and he will take your request.

Copyright to this work is held by the Grand Lodge of Nevada - individual Lodges in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nevada are welcome to print out individual chapters, covering their own (or associated) Lodges for distribution to their members.

And now, with all that said ... it's ... on to Torrence!